Creatives! Hi, I'm Dina, nice to meet you.

I'm a director wanting to collaborate with you to add a new :30 spot to both of our reels.
I'm looking for that emotional board or script that touched your heart or gave you chills, but your client passed over it. 
Or maybe you haven't been hired yet at the agency of your dreams, but know you'll kill it.

I'm grateful to be working constantly, but not seeing the kind of boards that are a game changer, so I'm putting it out to the universe to find a few stunning ideas.
Here's how it works: I'm in California, but you can live anywhere. I'll keep you in the loop during production and provide a high-res copy for you to download for your own reel.
Take a look at my work, email me at dina@hellojuice.com and let's do this.


#nextlevel #womenhelpingwomen #tiredofwaiting